IAMMEDIC - Get Back Home

Electro Pop band IAMMEDIC have returned with their track Get Back Home. You may never have heard of IAMMEDIC but you may have heard of some of their members.

Leader Enik Lin is a solo singer from Taiwan; Andre Harris joins him from former endeavour Burning Tree Project; lifelong friend, Danny Park, DJ for 1TYM Danny Im’s Danny From LA and producer of MNET’s Alpha Girls, is also a IAM member; the group is complete with their official DJ Sangyup Jeon, a popular Seoul DJ sponsored by H&M Seoul, otherwise known as DJ YUP

Fans of VanNess Wu and/or AZIATIX may have heard of Enik, he’s even released a song featuring YG’s Lydia Paek.

The name IAMMEDIC is a link back to a time of personal struggle for Enik in which he found God and came to believe God is the only healer for the sickness of humanity.
IAM comes from the name God refers to Himself as when talking to Moses in Exodus 3:14.

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

MEDIC refers to Enik’s belief that god is the ultimate healer. Aptly IAMMEDIC refer to their fans as Paramedics, the words Paramedic comes from the latin prefix para, meaning at the side of or side by side. Therefore a Paramedic is at the side of a Medic.

IAMMEDIC are not however a religious music group, though one might question the presence of uplifting and inspirational lyrics reminiscent of those found in modern Christian music.

Get Back Home’s lyrics give the message that you don’t need to run from your problems as you aren’t alone, someone will be able to help you with your troubles.

The visuals are somewhat reminiscent of a modernised version of the Grimm Brothers’ tale of Red Riding Hood.
We see a woman wearing a maroon scarf covering her head, much like a hood. She runs from an unidentifiable black smoke.

Enik sings:

I can hear your demons.

Just as IAMMEDIC can hear them, we can see them.

The smoke takes form, chasing her as she runs. We learn that although a human form her pursuer masquerades as a wolf.

When she stops running and faces the wolf, her demons, we see her terrifier unmasked. When face to face we find out the wolf is in fact a darker version of her own image. The demons within her have manifested themselves through her own form.

Upon facing her reality she is able to banish her demons.

Little Red Riding Hood displays themes connected to cycles of nature and life. The wolf represents the dark and the night, whilst Little Red Riding hood is the light of the sun. In the original tale Red is cut out of the wolf’s belly, this is the representation of dawn. In relation to Get Back Home we see the light overcoming the sun to create an alternate path, a new day.

Cutting Red from the wolf can also be interpreted as rebirth; the foolish Red who listened to the wolf is reborn a new person. In Get Back Home the scared woman who ran from her demons defeats them, being reborn as a new woman.

The mv only shows two IAMMEDIC members, Enik and DJ Yup. Andre and Danny often provide behind the scenes work on releases, such as lyric writing and production.

The scenes that include Enik and Yup include common design themes used for IAMMEDIC, such as geometric shapes and purple tones.

If you like what you see from IAMMEDIC there are numerous places you can follow them.

Jay Park - Metronome

CEO of AOMGJay Park, has released his latest single Metronome. The single features joint AOMG CEO Simon Dominic and label artist GRAY

The track uses the theme of the metronome in all of its elements: Lyrics; design; music; narrative.

The base beats of the track are a back and forth like the ticking of a metronome, and the lyrics speak of a couple whom are always opposite and thus need a metronome to put them in sync.

The music video was directed by Jinuya, the same producer who worked with Jay on Joah and I Like 2 PartyThe mv visuals show opposites that create balance: Predators and prey; Business and pleasure; Smart and casual.
With one of the overlying concepts being ‘Gentleman’s attitude’ the looks in the mv create a wider image of a gentleman, a more modern image of what a gentleman could be.

There are also many visuals of  metronomes or metronome-like images. There is a double exposure of a metronome; light runs across the top of one scene as if ticking like a metronome; a series of pendulums creates a wave, each pendulum going back and forth; lights go on and off; a chandelier swings back and forth. 

The narrative between Jay and the model in the mv shows both their attraction and their opposition with intimate scenes and scenes of fighting. 

The woman is tied at times to portray how, although the two need to part to become more in sync, he desperately wants them to stay together and work.

Other opposites lie in the setting, the large windows and gates we see in many scenes have an Art Deco feel, GRAY’s throne also being elaborately designed. These setting items however are opposed by the dark and simple decor, and the destruction seen.

No one will fail to notice that once again Jay uses ‘international’ women in his music video. When asked by TASTEMakers why he does this, he replied that is an ‘international player’. Player can be taken in the most common sense, not forgetting Jay almost always uses women in his mvs, every time a different one. Though this can also be taken as Jay acknowledging his power as a ‘player’ in the international music scene.

The B-side to the track is unmistakably a Jay/Cha Cha creation. With themes reminiscent of those in WelcomeRide Me is another piece of ‘baby making music’ from the duo. Ride Me is however far more descriptive in its theme.

You can get the two tracks for £1.29 on iTunes, and they are well worth the small spend.

Anonymous asked:
Have you seen any Korean groups live? Who was best?

Yeah I have. 

  • VIXX
  • 2NE1
  • Super Junior
  • Apollo 18
  • Galaxy Express
  • Goonamguayeoridingstella
  • Gate Flowers

Galaxy Express are by far the best group I have seen from South Korea, though if you want a Kpop answer - BIGBANG. 

Crush - Sometimes

Crush might be a producer and singer-songwriter you know, much like TROY’s BumkeyCrush is an R&B vocalist whom regularly makes appearances as a featured artist. However time has come for Crush to release his first official digital single.

Crush is the stage name of twenty one year old Shin Hyo Sub. His featurings to date include popular tracks such as Stay The Way You Are by Supreme TeamGary’s Shower Later; and Zion T’s Two Melodies for which he makes an mv appearance.

His first official digital single comes in the form of track Sometimes. 

The mv shows off his talents as Crush can be seen writing lyrics, composing, singing and even dancing.

Appearing alongside Crush in the mv are fellow members of the hip hop crew he is a part of, VV:D (pronounced VIVID), Zion.T whom is also signed to the same label as Crush, Amoeba Culture. Also featuring from VV:D are Gray and Loco, both signed by AOMG CEO Jay Parkthe artist to have taken on all three unsigned VV:D members, the third being Elo.

The quality of a solo track from Crush is not something that was ever doubted, when he decided to release was the main factor in question. Now he’s finally made the jump from featuring artist to fully fledged solo artist one can only hope there is more to come from Crush. 

(Source: lorewalsh.co.uk)

Billionaire - That Night

New male duo Billionaire have debuted with their track That Night. 

The R&B duo Billionaire formed in 2010 and consists of HooNia and Bumma. 

The mv for That Night may seem simplistic with its one room, plain walls, and simple sofa, but that is not without reason.

Billionaire raised the money to release That Night on their own, working part time jobs, their management only aiding with detailing and production.

Their debut was written, composed and arranged by member HooNia, and the pair even sought out choreographer DdongTae on the internet to personally ask for his help. 

The bold move from the duo seems to have paid off, with the rather unique debut story catching attention, the solidity of the track doesn’t hinder them either.

(Source: lorewalsh.co.uk)

sant0 replied to your video “Super Junior M - Swing 嘶吼 The Mandarin subunit of one of SMTown’s…”

Yeah it was kinda hard to understand or discern what they were singing in the original video and then they released the Korean version and then you could hear them better. LOL!

I agree about the Korean version! I think Swing sounds a much stronger song in Korean. 


Jungle Entertainment’s hip hop idol unit, M.I.B, have returned with a new track CHISA BOUNCE. 

M.I.B’s teaser for the track saw them limbering up their necks for some shoulder and head style choreography, a la Nod Along and Dash. The mv delivers exactly that.

The sound samples their previous track Dash otherwise known as Men In Black, and the mv also links back in many ways.

Firstly, as the teaser implied, there is choreography reminiscent of that for Dash, there is even a moment in which Kangnam, 5zic and Cream are suited in black, wearing shades, and appear to be doing the Dash choreography.

Cream is amongst a simplistic lab set up.

Sims can be seen being neuralized by Kangnam, 5zic and Cream as he sits, restrained, yet fighting, in a chair.

The striking difference between the two mvs however is that Dash has an extremely detailed setting for its narrative, where as CHISA’BOUNCE is bold and graphic. CHISA’BOUNCE, while lacking the original and weighty narrative that Dash does, is full of eye catching pops of colour.

You can find both CHISA’BOUNCE and Dash on the group’s second album, The Maginot Line. 

Super Junior M - Swing 嘶吼

The Mandarin subunit of one of SMTown’s Super JuniorSuper Junior M, have released their third mini album, SwingSwing is an upbeat and addictive pop song, as many of SJM’s lead songs are.

Befitting of its sound Swing is accompanied by an mv including with a pop of brilliant yellow.

As I have written about previously Super Junior M’s branding, with each release incorporates more than just that one moment in time for them. Their branding is a journey, developing their image as men. The last time we saw SJM, with Break Down, in they had brought an edge to the image of sophistication and elegance they had created for themselves.

With Swing we see a joining of the gentlemanly and edgier sides of SJM, as the wall art suggests, they work hard, but play harder.

One might question how hard they work: with Ryeowook escaping his reception duties by donning headphones; Kyuhyun unable to operate the photocopier; Donghae throwing his work at Sungmin; and Siwon sleeping at his desk.

Though from showing them in a work setting at least, we then get to see them play harder, with Siwon waking up as his sexy alter ego, though this is something much questioned, his moustache not to all fans’ taste.
Having all swapped their buttoned up work-suit attire, the group now combine the smart with casual, shedding their work responsibilities.

As we reach the end of the mv none of the members are even pretending to work anymore.

The heavy dance content shows off the trademark sound of the composers from The Kennel, and choreography features that remind of old SMTown performances such as Kangta’s The Best.

Though a catchy sound, and vibrant video the vocals in Swing have created a talking point. With Chinese lyrics written by Zhou Mi it seems he is one of the only members with the ability to sing them clearly and correctly, with many Mandarin speakers saying it is hard to understand most of the members.

Despite this, Swing is undoubtably a catchy track that encapsulates the spirit of Super Junior M.